Looking for more information about MaxiProxies? Here are our frequently asked questions and answers:

1. How to order your proxies?

It is very simple: just go to the homepage, choose a package, enter your email and pay via Paypal. Once you ordered, you will receive your proxies every dayto your entered email.

2. How to get all proxies: worldwide, USA and Elite?

To get all proxies in separate files, please order MAXI package: you will get 5,000+ worldwide proxies, 200+ USA proxies and 200+ Elite proxies to your email every day.

3. What kind of proxies these are?

All proxies are various speed, anonymity and type. To get most reliable, fastest and highest anonymity proxies, please order MAXI package.

4. Can I use proxies with every software and browser?

We deliver proxies in .txt files and ip:port format, so you can use proxies with every software or browser you want.

5. How to get Elite proxies?

Our Elite proxies are up to 10x faster and have highest levels of anonymity, so they are very reliable and valuable. To receive Elite proxies, please order MAXI package.

6. Are these proxies fresh?

New proxies are delivered every day and are checked within 12 hours, so they are always new and not over-used by others.

7. What email should I use?

You can use every email account you like, but we recommend to use most popular providers like Gmail to receive your proxies fast and in time.

8. What are payment methods?

We accept only Paypal payments.

9. Can I unsubscribe?

Sure, you can do this anytime. Once you unsubscribe, you will not receive proxies from us anymore.

10. Have other questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime – we are glad to help!

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